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Sub Lease Scams

Sublease Scams in Arizona

The scam works like this: The con artists will find people who need or want to get rid of their car loan or lease payments. They pretend to be with a company that will find someone to take possession of the owner’s vehicle and assume the monthly loan or lease payments, with no costs to the original owner. The company claims that the person who takes over the loan or lease will pay any maintenance and repair costs, and pay for full insurance coverage for the vehicle. The company guarantees it will pay the bill if the new lessee defaults on the agreement. Once the crooks have possession of your car they fail to live up to any of their prior guarantees

Law Enforcement and Sub Lease Scams

The police will usually not get involved in helping to recover your sub leased vehicle. Normally it is their position that since you signed an agreement with the con artists, it is a civil matter and the police will not get involved. JD Recovery has been successful in gaining assistance from law enforcement in repossessing fraudulently sub leased vehicles.

Sublease Scams and the Arizona Attorney General

The Arizona Attorney General's office has been aggressively pursuing Subleasing companies since 2005.(Arizona Attorney General Press Release) JD Recovery has worked with the Arizona Attorney General's office in recovering multiple vehicles lost due to these sublease frauds.

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Take Over Auto , Jordan Williams and Victor Mason

The Grand Daddy of the sublease schemes was a company called Take Over Auto. They operated in Las Vegas Nevada, but Take Over Auto subleased many of the vehicles they took in the Phoenix, AZ area. A MR. Jordan Williams and Victor Mason, claimed to be the principals involved in the company Take Over Auto. JD Recovery has repossessed many of the vehicles they sublet in Arizona. There are still several more to be repossessed.

U.S. Auto Management and Auto Payment Solutions

The Arizona Attorney General filed suit June, 2005 against U.S. Auto Management and Auto Payment Solutions for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act. Law enforcement estimates that there are still hundreds of victims that have not been able to recover their cars. Many of the victims have been forced to file bankruptcy, leaving their lien holders to sort out the mess. JD recovery has repossessed dozens of cars that were subleased through U.S. Auto Management and Auto Payment Solutions. Call us today and we can get started on your repossession.

Kennedy's RV Kennedy Motorhome Services, Kennedy's Financial Services, Banker's First, and Green Valley RV Services.

On 2/12/2008 the Arizona Attorney General sued three Arizona companies: Kennedy Motorhome Services, Kennedy's Financial Services, Banker's First, and Green Valley RV Services. The lawsuit also included the individuals, Donald W. Kennedy, Granite Hobbs and Kenneth W. Griffith. The suit alleges consumers were defrauded when the defendants subleased consumer's motor homes to third parties. JD Recovery has already recovered many of the RV's lost to these unscrupulous companies and individuals. 

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